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Earthing With Earthing Mat and Earthing Sheets Ideal First Aid for Burns

I have been an acupuncturist for over 30 years, and practice Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Acupuncture and Cupping at ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic, in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

I am also a Biological Laboratory Technician and have worked in Research Laboratories and Quality Assurance Laboratories for over 3 decades. Over that time I have received several nasty burns from autoclaves, flaming alcohol, industrial microwave ovens and even from sunburn. The established first aid treatment for burns involves running cool water over the burn site for 20 minutes. Immediate first aid for burns and scalds is essential to reduce tissue damage. Like many others I have followed the First Aid procedure of placing the burn under running water or immersing the burn site into a metal sink full of cold water. In most cases I have noticed a burning tingling sensation at the site of the burn while the water is running onto the burn site or while the burn is immersed in the metal sink full of water.

I believe that the best treatment for burns after burns first aid has been administered, is âEarthingâ the local area of the burn or scald. The tissue damage resulting from burns and scalds has been scientifically proven to be caused by Free Radicals. I believe that this additional âEarthingâ treatment of burns and scalds after burns first aid has been applied will speed the healing process due to the Free Electrons from the âEarthingâ process neutralizing the damaging Free Radicals. This video gives convincing proof that the healing effect of ârunningâ water is NOT the cool temperature of the ârunningâ water, but a previously unidentified component of the water, namely Free Electrons donated by the negatively charged Earth which flow from the Earth through the copper plumbing lines in the conductive water flowing inside the copper lines.

I propose that this beneficial first aid treatment owes its success to âEarthingâ. In former centuries, enlightened individuals were not aware of microscopic âgermsâ causing disease. I believe that modern science has been unaware and completely oblivious to the powerful ever-present âEarthingâ effect being responsible for this enhanced healing, thanks to the infinitively large number of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant Free Electrons, in this case flowing in the ârunningâ water stream to neutralise the damaging inflammatory Free Radicals that cause the redness, pain, tissue damage and scarring associated with burns. I present the scientific evidence for this theory in this video.

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